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4-H Youth Marketing Resources

These PDFs and links to Michigan State University Extension are resources specifically designed to aid our 4-H Youth market their Livestock Projects to buyers successfully!

We've also included helpful hints for after Sale and how Youth can properly acknowledge and thank their buyers!

Girl Harvesting Vegetable

Species Specific Marketing for Youth


Additional Marketing Resources

4-H Ages 8 to 19

Manistee Co. 4-H Youth Buyer Requirements

Members will not be allowed to sell unless he/she has submitted three (3) completed “Prospective Buyer Slip” forms by the last day of 4-H Fair Registration. (Any less than three (3) will not be accepted initially, but once the first three (3) are in, members may turn in any number of additional slips, if desired.) The initial three (3) slips, must NOT be from relatives. If more than one (1) child in a family is selling, they may not duplicate other siblings’ buyers for the initial three (3) buyer slips.

The last day of 4-H Fair Registration is June 25, 2022. Prospective Buyer Slips can be downloaded below.

We require ALL of our marketing 4-H Youth to submit completed Thank You Notes to the Livestock Council by the start of the September Livestock Council meeting (after the Fair). Notes must be unsealed and correctly addressed to the appropriate buyer and bear sufficient postage.

Processors for 2024

Ebel's Meats

420 Prosper Rd. Falmouth, MI

*Vacuum Sealing Available*

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