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What is a 4-H Club?

A 4-H Club is a minimum of five (5) youth from two or more families with at least one (1), preferably more, caring adult Volunteer(s) working with members, teen leaders, and parents to provide a structure for members to share responsibility for making decisions and operating the club.

A 4-H Club is an organized, fun, and EDUCATIONAL program that is planned by members, volunteers, and parents that participates in learning experiences as a Club, involvement in the community through community service and community projects, and personal evaluation and recognition of progress on individual and group goals.

Types of 4-H Clubs

  1. Community Club - This is our most common type of Club. It is also know as a multi-project or general 4-H Club and includes members of a variety of ages and interests. Average size is 20 to 25 members.

  2. Project Club - These are Clubs that are focused on one primary project in which ALL members participate in. This Club is less common and has an average 10 to 20 members.

  3. Explorer or Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs - These are short term Clubs, not ongoing ones, and generally focus on a project area not offered by a Community or Project Club.

All Clubs are led by screen MSU Extension Gold Volunteers who have completed and are currently compliant with Michigan State University Extension's Volunteer Code of Conduct and Volunteer Screening Process.

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