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Buyer Resources

Whether you are a new or veteran buyer of 4-H Livestock at Manistee Co. Fair, this page is your one stop shop for information on meat yield, processing options, donation options, and more.

Explore your options below!

How much meat will end up in my freezer as a result of my purchase?

This is a great question and we have the answer! Our MSU Extension Educators have created these great info-graphics for Beef, Swine, and Lamb/Goats.

They break it down from standing live-weight, through processing to give you the best approximation of take-home weight.

Our MSU Extension Educators have the answer!

Every year Manistee Co. 4-H tries to offer a number of processing options for our buyers. These can vary from year to year based on processors schedules, availability, and Fair dates. For 2024, our processing options are below:

What are my processing options?

We have a number of processors available to us every year.

Donating my purchase was mentioned. What does that entail?

The Manistee 4-H Livestock Council has partnered with local food pantry organizations to bring you comprehensive list of options!

Yes! Our buyers have the option to donate their livestock purchase to a local food pantry in need. Food pantries often have a shortage of fresh meat for their members, with the help of Al Frye, a local Manistee Chef and long-time supporter and advocate of MSU Extension and 4-H, we have created a booklet of participating local pantries in Manistee & Benzie counties that could benefit from your donation!

The book contains pantry contact information, history, impact reach, fresh meat needs and storage capacity, along with other non-perishable needs. As well as information on the process to donate your purchase.

Traditionally, Auction purchases have been paid for using cash or checks. Due to COVID in 2020, we had to use a virtual auction platform. This platform allowed us to accept credit card payments for the first time in Manistee Co. 4-H history and we are excited to announce that this option will continue to be available at our Auctions in the future!

How do I pay for my purchase?

We have a number of payment options available.

*Credit Card payments add a 3.5% processing fee.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Major Credit Cards*
- Visa
- American Express
- Mastercard
- Discover
- Diners Club
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