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Upcoming Events 2024

Stay in the know with all the upcoming events going on in Manistee, Benzie, and Lake County 4-H!


June 18

Monthly 4-H Livestock Council Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Manistee 4-H Livestock Council. We will meet In-Person at 7:00 pm (EST) at Manistee County Road Commission. 

For more information or to be added to the meeting Agenda, please contact Ali Olson, 4-H Program Coordinator at

There will be time allotted for Public Comment at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. There is a 5-minute time limit for individuals and a 10-minute total time limit for an assembly of individuals representing a group or organization. The remainder of the meeting is for Council/Committee business and we ask that our guests refrain from interruption. At the close of the meeting, the President will address guests and ask for any concluding comments, and we ask that the same limitations are honored.

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