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4-H Youth Representatives

Who is eligible to serve as a 4-H Youth Representative?

A maximum of two (2) youths from Manistee County, two (2) youths from Benzie County, and two (2) youths from Lake County, over the age of 13 may seek Council Membership. Terms shall be for one (1) year and may be repeated.

All Manistee, Benzie, and Lake County 4-H youth currently enrolled in a Livestock project are encouraged to attend and participate at any Council meeting.

Becoming a 4-H Youth 


How to Apply

All candidates must complete a “Prospective Candidate Form” prior to the election in order to be considered for youth positions. Names received after the official ballot is made may be included as “write-in” candidates. All nominations must be presented and voted on no later than the October Council Meeting of that year. Member terms will run from November to November. (The actual 4-H Program Year is September 1 through August 31)

All prospective candidates must be a registered 4-H livestock youth in 4-H Online and be in Good Standing at the time of application.

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